Sailloft Mast RDM 100% (CC)


Vindsurfing-mast från Sailloft. RDM, 100% kolfiber och Constant Curve (CC). Funkar såklart mycket bra till alla Sailloft segel, men även andra segelmärken som använder CC-master. 100% kolfiber gör att masten är både lätt och har snabb respons. Vilket gör att riggen känns lättare och seglet blir stabilare. Detta är vår favorit mast och den vi alltid använder själva.

Mastfodral ingår.


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Sailloft RDM masts –  for your sails.

Our masts fit.
Sailloft offers modern mast shapes in Hi-Modulus Carbon Pre-Preg Technology. Reduced diameter masts (RDM)  in lengths ranging from 370 cm to 490 cm are offered in up to 3 performances levels. An optimal constant curve makes our mast work extremely well with Sailloft sails but they are also compatable with other models.

With the less diameter the RDM can improve the manouverability of the entire rig. The mast sleeve has more space which increases the sails profile. The result is that the planning capabilities improve dramatically. The wall strength of the mast in relation to the diameter gives the mast increased durability and makes the Sailloft RDM a must have when it comes down to it.

Red Line 100 % Carbon – No compromises.

For the most demanding and best performance we developed the Red Line Mast. Optimal reflex with minimal weight is the base for perfection in performance.

The outstanding performance that is offered is also visible in the craftsmenship. The Alutex protection in the boom area prevents increased wear in this spot. At the same time it also protects the valuable laminat from UV rays. The Sailloft mast bag brings your premium mast safely from spot to spot.

Red Line 100%  Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM) mast bag incl.

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340cm, 370cm, 400cm, 430cm, 460cm, 490cm